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Have You Wondered How Sedation Dentistry Feels?

Gig Harbor dentist Dr. Rioux gives us a breakdown of each sedation method and shares what real patients have to say about their experiences.

If fear or time have kept you from a healthy mouth, sedation dentistry can help!

Getting dental work done can be challenging, especially when you’re dealing with a busy schedule or dental fears.

A lot of people are curious about sedation dentistry but don’t know what questions to ask or even if sedation is right for them.

Download our free infographic to learn:

  • What real people say it feels like.
  • The differences between the types of sedation.
  • How sedation actually works.

Relieve your dental stress, and download our offer today.

Preview of our free infographic titled How Does Sedation Dentistry Feel?

Download Your Free Infographic:

There are 3 main types of sedation:

A pill bottle illustrates Oral Sedation
A fluid bag illustrates IV Sedation.
Balloons represent our Nitrous Oxide option for patients with anxiety.
Learn the differences of each method in our new infographic.
Dr. Kim Rioux, a Gig Harbor sedation dentist
‘‘I am passionate about assisting people achieve optimal health and wellness. Sedation is a fabulous tool to help with that!’’

Dr. Kim Rioux

Questions You May Have About Sedation Dentistry

Your Gig harbor dentist provides the answers.

  • Is there more than one type of sedation?

    Yes! There are many types of sedation. Our free downloadable infographic explains each type in detail. It’s important to remember though that you and Dr. Rioux will decide together which option is right for you.

  • Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

    Most patients qualify for at least one method of sedation dentistry. We’ve learned the best candidates are those with extreme fear issues or those needing extensive work, as sedation allows more work to be completed in far fewer appointments. Dr. Rioux will be happy to provide a consultation about the options and which may be right for you.

  • What type of dental work can be completed under sedation?

    Your Gig Harbor dentist can complete virtually all complex dental work while the patient is sedated.

Are you the perfect candidate for sedation?

Do you want to say "goodbye" to:

  • The fear of pain?

  • The fear of needles?

  • Not being in control?

  • Excessive appointments?

  • Overall stress and discomfort?

  • Time constraints?

Sedation May Be Just The Answer You’ve Been Looking For!

Since there is never one correct answer for everyone, examine the facts in our free Infographic “How does sedation dentistry FEEL?“ and see what people just like you say about how sedation dentistry felt for them!

Isn't it time to get the relaxing appointment you deserve?