Do You Want a Younger Looking Smile?

We can rejuvenate your smile with the Bioclear® Method.

The Bioclear® Method

Many people have dark triangles between their teeth that age their appearance. Bioclear® is a revolutionary new process that can erase the aging process by filling in dark triangles, making your smile look younger and healthier!

What are the benefits for you?

  • It can be done in a single visit!
  • No tooth structure needs to be removed.
  • It looks completely natural.
  • The Bioclear® Method can also sometimes be used to rejuvenate a damaged tooth instead of using a crown - preserving more natural tooth structure!

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It's Never Been So Easy...

It's estimated that 1/3 of adults have black triangles between teeth caused by bone loss and gum recession. Bioclear® is a minimally invasive treatment that offers beautiful results.

Before and after of black triangles treatment with Bioclear.

Bioclear® is a noninvasive cosmetic alternative to traditional crowns. Anatomic mylar forms that hug your teeth are injection molded with a warm composite material, which is color matched to your teeth. The forms are removed, leaving behind a smooth, contoured composite that has a beautiful shine, giving you a healthy and youthful smile.

Our patients love this conservative alternative to tradtional treatment

Hear it from an actual patient by watching our video!


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Portrait of Kim Rioux DDS, Certified Bioclear provider.

‘‘I think one of the top advantages of Bioclear® is how transformative such a conservative treatment can be!’’

Bioclear® Method Certified Provider, Dr. Kim Rioux

There are very few providers in this area who have reached Tier 3 Certification, meaning they've taken many hours of continuing education while having the materials, equipment, and expertise to provide the highest quality restoration.

As a Tier 3 Certified Bioclear® Provider, Gig Harbor dentist Dr. Rioux is a master at providing natural-looking, long-lasting results. Talk with her about the possibility of using the Bioclear® Method to treat your cosmetic issues.


Here are some real patient examples of what Bioclear could do for your smile!

An actual patient before and after treatment with Bioclear
An actual patient before and after treatment with Bioclear
An actual patient before and after treatment with Bioclear

Bioclear® can also repair damaged teeth

This method protects vulnerable tooth structure while conserving other healthy parts of the tooth that would have otherwise been sacrificed to a crown preparation.

Before and after ofcusp damage repair with Bioclear.

We were able to replace just the one cusp with a Bioclear overlay, which allowed us to leave the three remaining cusps untouched.


The Bioclear® Method is more conservative to tooth structure and less likely to have post-operative sensitivity.

Answers to some of our most asked questions about Bioclear®

The primary reason to opt for a Bioclear is that the treatment is so much more conservative, allowing the preservation of more natural tooth structure.

A crown is more at risk to recurrent decay. Decay starts at the edge of the crown and can progress underneath it if not addressed right away, which undermines the anchorage for the crown. Most crowns block x-rays from allowing us to see what's happening underneath it. In turn, we might determine there is not enough tooth structure to do another crown. At a minimum, the crown would need to be replaced.

The other common way a crown "fails" is a snap off fracture, meaning the crown and underlying tooth structure break off at the gumline. When insufficient tooth structure remains, there is no choice but to pull the tooth. With a Bioclear overlay, if something happens to the restoration it can frequently be simply repaired. If that is not an option, the restoration could be replaced either with another Bioclear overlay or, if insufficient tooth structure remains, a conventional all-ceramic crown could be used.

This conservative treatment allows us many more options as the tooth ages.

There is a significant amount of prep work to get the teeth ready for the restorations because any trace of biofilm must be removed from the teeth.

This is done by gently pushing the gums back and isolating the area to be worked on. Then a tiny instrument is used to scour any trace of biofilm. The cleaning powder is just hard enough to remove the microscopic sticky layer that accumulates on the surface of the teeth without damaging the tooth surface.

Once the tooth preparation is done, thin mylar forms hug the tooth, providing a mold for a new tooth surface. These forms slip under the gum line and a liquid composite is injected filling the forms. The resin is then hardened using ultraviolet polymerization. The tooth is then shaped and polished. The resulting tooth surface is shiny, smooth, and very durable.

Bioclear® is a new, beautiful, and conservative alternative to traditional reductive porcelain dentistry. It is NOT covered by insurance. For posterior teeth, the cost of Bioclear® is often similar to out-of-pocket expenses, but it conserves more tooth structure and your remaining dental benefits for other procedures if necessary.

Are you the perfect candidate for Bioclear®?

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