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Case Study – Porcelain Veneers

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People often ask me, “Can you REALLY make veneers that look natural?  I mean the only ones I see look like chicklets (horse teeth, too white, etc.).  To this question our Gig Harbor dentist always answer, “Yes! They can look natural!”

In fact, the reason people may sometimes feel that way is that you only notice the veneers that don’t look natural! If you saw this lovely lady smile, I doubt you’d notice that the front four teeth were veneers, particularly since he’s a “natural beauty”, rarely wearing make up.

Gig Harbor Dentist

As a Gig Harbor dentist, my patients run the full spectrum, from people wanting a glamorous, Hollywood smile to people wanting to look like they’ve never had any cosmetic dentistry done – that were just born with really nice teeth.   I’m happy to discuss ALL of the options with you, and help you achieve your perfect smile.

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