Bioclear Case Study: From Black Spaces To A Healthy, Beautiful Smile

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Woman with dark hair smiling into the camera after Bioclear fixed her smile.It’s estimated that 1/3 of adults have black triangles between teeth caused by bone loss and gum recession. A black space in between teeth can ruin a nice smile. Bioclear® is a minimally invasive treatment that offers beautiful results.

A patient came to us with black spaces between her teeth that she did not like. While there are different dental options available to resolve this issue, Bioclear offers the most conservative and non-invasive option for our patients. Here is how we helped to restore her smile and her confidence!

Problem: Black Triangles

Our patient has front teeth with a root position that left too much space between her teeth.  Using traditional bonding methods might fill the space but would create ledges below the gums causing irritation, redness and bleeding gums.

Solution: Bioclear

We were able to close the space using Bioclear.  Bioclear allows us to create natural, smooth and biologically compatible anatomy that mimics the smooth shapes of natural teeth.

Why Bioclear?

This beautiful emergence profile can clearly be seen on the x-ray. With the black space closed her smile is transformed – a conservative, beautiful solution that will allow her gums to remain healthy. Best of all no tooth structure was removed.

Bioclear® Method Certified Provider, Dr. Kim Rioux

There are very few providers in this area who have reached Tier 3 Certification, meaning they’ve taken many hours of continuing education while having the materials, equipment, and expertise to provide the highest quality restoration.

As a Tier 3 Certified Bioclear® Provider, Gig Harbor dentist Dr. Rioux is a master at providing natural-looking, long-lasting results. Talk with her about the possibility of using the Bioclear® Method to treat your cosmetic issue.

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