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What Is Comprehensive Dentistry And Why It Matters [Free Download]

Free comprehensive dentistry download

When you hear the term “Preventative Maintenance”, what are your first thoughts? Taking care of your car? Your house? Possibly your septic system? (Gross, but necessary.) There are many things we perform preventative maintenance on, because we know that by doing so we can save ourselves big problems and big money down the road. Many […]

Teeth Tips: How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is an amazing tool. Be sure you are getting the most out of it!

Have you recently started using an electric powered toothbrush? Whether you’re new to the electric toothbrush or you’ve been using one for many years, you’ll want to ensure you’re using it properly to gain the maximum benefits. There are many valuable reasons to switch to an electric powered toothbrush: Most have built-in timers that help […]

Protect Your Smile by Checking for These 6 Signs of Gum Disease

Good oral hygiene is a key to preventing gum disease

Gum disease is one of the least noticeable yet most common oral conditions worldwide. Given gum disease’s potentially serious yet invisible signs, how can you protect yourself from losing your smile? Gum disease is no laughing matter. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with it each year and millions more remain untreated, leading to rapid decay […]

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