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Gig Harbor Dentist | Kim’s Kale Chips

Gig Harbor Dentist Dr. Kim Rioux holding her home made kale chips

The Entire team here at Kim Rioux DDS, were thrilled with my delicious recipe for kale chips! So we decided to share the delicious recipe with you! So here is the amazing recipe your Gig Harbor Dentist, Dr. Rioux shared: Kim’s Kale Chips 1 bunch of lacinto or dinosaur kale 1T olive oil 1T pecorino […]

Dental Signs Indicating it May be Time to Get Your “Ticker” Checked!

A heart monitor readout with cartoon hearts

Don’t wait until you’re gripped by sudden chest pains to question the health of your heart. There may be a warning sign… as plain as the teeth in your mouth. This info given by your Gig Harbor Dentist, Dr. Rioux, will help you be aware of the warning signs if and when they present themselves so you […]

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