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How Serious is Your Snoring?

How bad is your snoring Infographic

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious concern for many Americans,  and many are searching for reliable OSA dentists. Port Orchard and Gig Harbor are lucky to have a dentist like Dr. Kim Rioux who is skilled at helping treat OSA. Our info-graphic outlines some reasons why OSA is such a serious condition and how […]

4 Reasons to Baby Your Teeth During Pregnancy

A smiling woman eating a salad

You’re having a baby! Excitedly, you contacted friends and family to share the life-changing news, but did you also remember to call your dentist in Gig Harbor? You might wonder, “What does my dentist have to do with our new addition to the family?” More than you might realize. The Oral Systemic Link An important […]

Sedation Dentistry – Your Key to Relaxation

Sedation Dentistry Infographic

Do you dread a visit to the dentist? We understand. Dental anxiety can range from mild anxiety to crippling fear. A key to unlocking that fear is sedation dentistry. Gig Harbor dentist Dr. Kim Rioux is very happy to be able to offer her patients a variety of relaxation dentistry solutions that can help even […]

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