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Top 5 Cozy Treats | Holiday Survival Guide

Our dental team in Gig Harbor wants you to enjoy the holiday season. Go through our fun presentation of 5 delicious and cozy treats you can make for your friends and family! Share with us: What are your favorite holiday treats?

How to Survive Family Events | Holiday Survival Guide

Video preview of a clip from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Does removing the clog in the bathtub drain, working on your taxes, or hearing fingernails along a chalkboard seem less daunting than attending an upcoming family event? Maybe your family is eerily similar to the Griswold family, and your holiday get-togethers seem to mimic this classic scene: You’re not alone in that sentiment! The truth […]

Tips To Survive Black Friday | Holiday Survival Guide

A crowd of people in a mall

Cha-ching! Statistics show in 2012, the Black Friday long weekend brought in millions of shoppers and $59.1 billion in sales. On November 29, 2013, will you be fighting the crowds to scope out Black Friday’s offerings? As part of our “Holiday Survival Tips” series, here are a few secrets to capitalize on your Black Friday shopping experience! […]

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