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New Cigarette Warning Labels Coming in 2012!

During a recent trip to Mexico, I noticed that in a lot of the stores, the cigarettes had graphic pictures on the boxes.  There were pictures of diseased lungs, dead fetuses and babies with cigarettes in their mouth just to name a few.  I remember thinking how effective that may be to someone who is on […]

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know!

As a former employee of a dental consulting firm, we routinely kept track of the health of the practice statistics for v dental practices around the nation.  One of those statistics was the percentage of patients that kept up with their continuing care appointments.  During these economic times, we found that there has been a definite decline with people […]

Hate to Floss?

If you are one of the million Americans who hate to floss….fear no more!  Sonicare has just introduced the new “Airfloss“!  It replaces traditional flossing with micro burst of water and air! Airfloss disrupts plaque biofilm especially in those hard to reach areas.  Studies have shown that the Sonicare Airfloss was rated higher on gentleness […]

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