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How Conservative Dentistry Can Save Your Teeth (And $$$)

Toothbrushes fanned out with text "Save your smile with conservative dentistry"

Dentistry in the United States has a minimal amount of supervision – quite unusual for a medical field. This gives dentists the freedom to propose what they think is best. Unfortunately, some dentists take advantage of this and recommend treatments for their own financial gain. That’s why you can’t go wrong with conservative dentistry. What […]

Dental Implants Before and After (Real Patient Story and Photos)

Can you tell which tooth is a dental implant?

Most patients who come to Kim Rioux DDS with missing permanent teeth are adults. They lost a tooth either due to an accident, poor oral health, or it is congenitally missing. However, that is not the case in this story. Anne’s dental implant before and after story Dr. Kim Rioux met “Anne” when she was […]

Bioclear: Veneers Alternative | Conservative Dentistry

Improve your smile without damaging your teeth.

Would you like a beautiful, natural-looking smile? For most of us, that is an easy answer: YES! When it comes time to decide how you’ll improve your smile, the answer isn’t so easy. There are many factors to consider when improving your smile, such as: How much are you willing to spend? Would you like […]

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