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Your Healthy Aioli Recipe!

A jar of homemade mayo

The joy of mayonnaise!  I mean really, more of us love it than want to admit it.  Many of us have retired mayo from the menu just on principle.  For the most part, I think this is a splendid idea as the grocery store variety is made with all kinds of nasty stuff, not the […]

Gig Harbor Dentist | Kim’s Kale Chips

Gig Harbor Dentist Dr. Kim Rioux holding her home made kale chips

The Entire team here at Kim Rioux DDS, were thrilled with my delicious recipe for kale chips! So we decided to share the delicious recipe with you! So here is the amazing recipe your Gig Harbor Dentist, Dr. Rioux shared: Kim’s Kale Chips 1 bunch of lacinto or dinosaur kale 1T olive oil 1T pecorino […]

Dr. Rioux’s Recipe: Dark Chocolate Lovers’ Delight

A stack of yummy treats

As a super busy Gig Harbor dentist, I’m always on the move–that’s why this recipe is just perfect! With just three ingredients and three minutes you can make super healthy chocolate treats. Everyone’s been talking about the health benefits of coconut oil and there’s no doubt that dark chocolate has great health benefits as an antioxidant. […]

Dr. Rioux’s Recipe: Blueberry & Banana Super Smoothie

A smoothie served in a jar

People often ask me my secret for staying so active, healthy, and energetic into my fifth decade. Well, actually they don’t—but if they did, I’d tell them this: Start every day with a smoothie. Not just any smoothie, but a super healthy concoction I created myself.  It’s great because it’s quick to make and as […]

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